Linen Duvet Cover Set Connamon

Linen Duvet Cover Set Connamon

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Linen duvet cover set in olive green color. Refresh the look of your bed with this linen bedding set featuring a duvet cover and two regular style pillowcases. Our linen duvets are made from wide fabric and do not feature any additional seams in the middle.
Made in Lithuania.

This linen bedding was selected by Karger not only for it's exceptional quality and esthetic but because it is made by a family business based in Vilnius, Lithuania, where linen growing, weaving and sewing traditions have roots in ancient times. Since then to the modern days, we have been surrounded by linen textiles, be it bedding or table linens. We find it magical that the crafted linen items can be passed down from generation to generation without losing their beauty and value. We believe that home linen should be both functional and beautiful. With our rich color palette and unique design details, we invite you to celebrate effortless style, surround yourself with beauty and fall in love with linen.