Shopping tips

To ensure you find quality, timeless pieces you'll cherish:

  • Buy what you love and feel is part of your character
  • It’s true, you get what you pay for, so spend a little more for quality pieces, hand-crafted with care
  • When it comes to large pieces of furniture, order the base in solid or textured neutrals – be careful with trendy colours. Pops of colour can be added with cushions, draperies, art and other décor
  • Stick to classic, clean lines
  • Look for firm, yet comfortable seats and back rests
  • When you least expect it, the right piece will find its’ way to you, so take your time – avoid trying to buy everything at once
  • When looking through decorating magazines (either print or on-line) save what interests you (in a folder on your computer or in a file at your home)
  • Determine which colours make you happy! Often, it will be the colour of clothing you feel good in
  • Save up for or put on layaway, pieces that capture your heart. They need not be priced ‘out of this world’ but they will be priceless to you
  • When you travel, collect items that tell a story about a place or person that mean something to you
  • When budgets are tight or if you like a project, frequent scratch and dent sections in higher-end stores and antique markets – wood can be re-polished
  • Create your own style! Trends will come and go but you are an individual with your own aesthetic that may take years to alter
  • Create balance between the elements – wood, stone, metal – with fire, water and fabric (created by using warm and cool tones) to soften


May your experience of buying your pieces be inspiring and uplifting for you.