About Karger

At Karger, we believe in authenticity, creativity and talent. With passion, we choose contemporary furniture, fashion, art and accessories for modern homes and lifestyles.  With our Canadian roots, we have developed and curated a collection that has distinct character and a clean expression, reflecting a modern Canadian style combined with international appeal.

Founded in 1993, Karger’s flagship store is located in Elora—Ontario’s most beautiful village.

From the store design and layout to the multi-level structure that houses it to the curated pieces that are interwoven within, Karger is an exquisitely unique retail experience.

Finely crafted pieces are sourced from Canada and around the world.  Original and one-of-a-kind gifts—our designs are forward thinking yet have a timeless grace.




Our philosophy

Karger believes in small-batch creation and in artists around the world who combine sustainability with creativity.  We believe the stories and history of each piece of furniture, home décor, jewellrey, fashion and art are integral to their essence.

Karger actively engages in supporting international Fairtrade organizations.

Renaté Karger

About our founder

Karger in beautiful Elora

A dream come true

Supporting Artisans worldwide

The home is a sacred space. By sourcing product with sustainability, social justice and fair working practices in mind, Karger has nurtured and created a market place built on craftsmanship and creative expression that celebrates individuality.

Karger supports worldwide artisans whose practices and creativity reflect and benefit from, this ideal.